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Undefined | Omertron’s Media Player Site

This is a index replacement, based on EJP´s popbox skin

Is specially intented to have  a dual skin working, so you can select which view (wall or list) with a single button press. As you see, both wall and list view have the same number of movies (15) so if you are ie. at page 15 of your movies you switch to the same page and see the same movies but in a different way

So let´s get to it:

– I use myihome so i created a batch file to automatize the 2 jukebox creation.

– Both jukeboxes are switched pressing the del button. All tvid´s are changeable

– Works for detailed pages with fanart, but a slowing time cost. So i use a non-fanart detailed page modded by my (it´s the alaska detail page without fanart). But works with full size fanart, so you can try it and see if time loss is too big for you

moviejukebox is default skin folder and goes to yamj named moviejukebox.

Same with moviejukeboxwall

Example images: 

Attachment Size
moviejukebox.rar 38.32 MB
moviejukeboxwall.rar 37.05 MB
Other.rar 1.81 MB