Unique Black Glas 2.8 (8 and 18 Covers) by Mr.M (Update 30.05.2010) | Omertron’s Media Player Site

Unique Black Glas 2.8 (8 and 18 Covers) by Mr.M (Update 30.05.2010) | Omertron’s Media Player Site

   What’s new (30.05.2010):

  – Index Page/Detail page: playlist support for a intro (excluded:iso,img,VIDEO_TS,BluRay Folder)

  – Index Page/Detail page: One Fanart for all pages can be selected

  – Detail page: Big Previous Cover can be disabled


  Tested with YAMJ-r1659, MediaInfo 0.7.29



 What’s new (30.05.2010):  

   All new options can be modified in the ‘options.xsl’ file in ‘skins/Unique_BGL’ folder.

What’s new (10.03.2010):

  – Index Page:  Fix bug for direct play on index pages (I hope!)

  – Detail page: New subtitle support

  – Detail page: Subtitles are now displayed in second (More) menu

  – Detail page: Library information is now together with YAMJ-Version in one line in ‘More’ menu.


                 Directed by   <-> Released

                 Company      <-> Audio                       

                 Starring        <-> Language

                 Plot               <-> Subtitle infos                                 

                 System         <-> File info / Folder info     note: File size and date

                 Video            <-> Library / YAMJ                 note: Library name you give / Version and build info

  – Detail page: Runtime is calculated in min (Default on, options.xsl ->

                        <!–Detail Option #9: Calculate runtime in minutes –> true / false )

                        Supported formats ‘1 hrs 46 mins’ and ‘1h 46 mn’. If false then the time is taken as is.


  Tested with YAMJ-r1494, MediaInfo 0.7.29


  INFOS: – HTML overwrite must be allways on in the Skin Creator!

              – On a PC browser like Firefox the Pages are not correct shown and functions don’t work!

              – All infos in a movie filename are taken, then the nfo or media info output!

                Example: Moviel.AC3.mkv has two audio channels but YAMJ take the AC3 and will only

                                show one audio channel!

                                Movie.mkv -> YAMJ takes the infos out of the MediaInfo tool,

                                                      so two audio channels are shown!


                    Priorities: Filename

                                   |_ .nfo files

                                         |_ MediaInfo tool outputs


What’s new (03.02.2010):

  – ‘DELETE’ key on remote control now opens the selected category

  – Added ‘aspect ratio’ to the video line

  – Added more Studio logos

  – Integrate a automatic plot selection (.nfo relevant) That means if you select a ‘short’ plot, the it use only the short plot.

     If this is ‘UNKNOWN’ then it take the ‘long’ plot and vice versa

  – Changed the Box selection image (Index and detail) now with a yellow glow effect, so that you can see it better.

  – Small layout fix for the small playbutons and the numbers. They are now near the button image and a little

     more away from the next

  – Audio image selection fix for the new YAMJ versions


  This is tested with YAMJ r1320!

What’s new in 2.5 (17.12.2009):


    – Fixed Title display error on set box

    – Fixed tabel movement in detail page (99%)

    – Added a selection image for the small boxes in the detail page

    – A special playlist mode is added

    – More film informations now selectable with the ‘More’ button

    – Fanart support for Box set pages

    – Set title now displaying in the top bar insted of the letter selection

    – Added a icon for subtitle in the detail page

    – Added a speaker with the available audio channels of the film in detail page

    – Added more studio labels



Set index pages –



    The new Set index pages have now a ‘Set title’ displaying in the top bar insted the letter index.

    Also a own Set fanart is now supported.

    YAMJ is looking for a file with the following naming:


    Set_NAME OF SET_1.fanart.jpg     example    Set_Pirates of the Caribbean_1.fanart.jpg


    If no one is found YAMJ download a file from the web and if that fails it uses the fanart of the first film in the set.


    Both can be deactivated in the ‘options.xsl’ in the following lines (both is default on):


    <!–Index Option #8: Set to true if you want to use a fanart from the first movie of the set. False for the red curtain –>

    <xsl:variable name="UseFanartForSetIndexPages">true</xsl:variable>

    <!–Index Option #9: Set to true if you want the set title displayed in the top bar. False for the letter index –>

    <xsl:variable name="UseSetTitleInTopBarOnSetIndexPages">true</xsl:variable>





Detail page –


    Now a ‘More’ button exist beside the ‘Play’ button wich shows more infos.


    The following lines changes then:


    Directed by <-> Released

    Company     <-> Audio                       

    Starring    <-> Language

    Plot        <-> Library                        note: Library name you give

    System      <-> File info / Folder info     note: File size and date

    Video       <-> YAMJ                        note: Version and build info


    Can be deactivated in the ‘options.xsl’ in the following line (default on):


    <!–Detail Option #8: More button active –>

    <xsl:variable name="MoreButtonActive">true</xsl:variable>




    Also new is a speaker under the ‘Audio’ tag. This informs you how many audio channels exist.

    And a ‘Subtitle’ flag.

    If transparent -> No subtitle

    If white       -> Subtitle exist





Extra menu


    Not new, but i think it’s not really known.

    So, here is the usage.


    The file naming example for the extra menu contents:


    The Dark Knight.BLURAY.720p.m2ts

    The Dark Knight[BONUS-Making of].avi

    The Dark Knight[Deleted-Cut outs].avi

    The Dark Knight[EXTRA-Sneak preview].avi

    The Dark Knight[Special-Behind the scenes].avi

    The Dark Knight[TRAILER-Test1].avi

    Four different categories can be used at all.


    Another example:


    Only the ‘Bonus’ title with some entries


    The Dark Knight[BONUS-Making of].avi

    The Dark Knight[Bonus-Behind the scene].avi

    The Dark Knight[BONUS-Cuts].avi

    The Dark Knight[BONUS-Interview with].avi





The new special playlist mode

    With this mode it is possible to generate/use a playlist, but you

    only see a ‘Play’ button on the detail page and no part index.

    Use this if you want to make a intro or a pre film or something else before

    the main movie. There is only a special keyword (SPLST) necessary.



    UP 2009 720p[PART1] – SPLST Movie.mkv        <– Movie must be the first file due to media infos

    UP 2009 720p[PART2] – Dolby Intro.mkv       

    UP 2009 720p[PART3] – Pre Film.mkv

    UP 2009 720p[PARTn] – xyz.mkv

    The play file order is then:

    UP 2009 720p[PART2] – Dolby Intro.mkv       

    UP 2009 720p[PART3] – Pre Film.mkv

    UP 2009 720p[PARTn] – xyz.mkv

    UP 2009 720p[PART1] – SPLST Movie.mkv

    For a multipart movie:

    UP 2009 720p[PART1] – SPLST Movie part 3.mkv        <– Movie must be the first file due to media infos

    UP 2009 720p[PART2] – Dolby Intro.mkv       

    UP 2009 720p[PART3] – Pre Film.mkv

    UP 2009 720p[PART4] – Movie part 1.mkv

    UP 2009 720p[PART5] – Movie part 2.mkv

    The play file order is then:

    UP 2009 720p[PART2] – Dolby Intro.mkv       

    UP 2009 720p[PART3] – Pre Film.mkv

    UP 2009 720p[PART4] – Movie part 1.mkv

    UP 2009 720p[PART5] – Movie part 2.mkv

    UP 2009 720p[PART1] – SPLST Movie part 3.mkv

    A complete example with all detail page features:

    UP 2009 720p[PART1] – SPLST Movie.fanart.jpg

    UP 2009 720p[PART1] – SPLST Movie.jpg

    UP 2009 720p[PART1] – SPLST Movie.mkv

    UP 2009 720p[PART2] – Pre Film.mkv

    UP 2009 720p[TRAILER-up-landing_h720p].mov

    UP 2009 720p[Extra-Dug’s Special Mission].mkv

    UP 2009 720p[Extra-Partly Cloudy].mkv



Install –



    Use a new clean YAMJ version (tested with 1245) and copy all contents of the YAMJ folder of the skin package into/over

    the YAMJ folder!


    Delete your Jukeboxfolder and let YAMJ create it new!

What’s new (21.11.2009):


    – Skin creator now accept SET_xxx_1.png images


      First search for a jpg. If not found then search for a png. If not found the used

      the poster of the first set movie.

What’s new (16.11.2009):


    – Bug fixed for
‘PG’certification in UK setup

What’s new (13.11.2009):


    – Bug fixed in the skin creator for ‘Home’ button indexing (YAMJ 1205)

    – For the 18 covers version now a 64 bit version of skin creator available

 What’s new (10.11.2009):


    – Now a version with a 18 covers index page

What’s new in 2.2:


    – HD-720 & HD-1080 added in index menu (TV id 720 and 108)

    – BluRay support (not tested, please confirm)  

    – Added in the index page ‘NWS’ for Network share and for the c200 drives ‘HDD’

    – Bug fix for Video image dummy picture if no image is found

 What’s new in 2.1:


    – Better navigation in and out of the extra menu

    – Bug fixed depends playing ISO,IMG and VIDEO_TS in detail page

    – Video image dummy picture if no image is found

    – Video image support is now possible to turn off

    – Certifications now for UK and Germany


    Skin Creator:

    – With parameter ‘auto’ you can run the skin creator from cli without interaction


  What’s new in 2.0:


    – Video image support for seasons

    – Extra entries menu with extra,bonus,deleted and special files support

    – Better season/Multipart file handeling

    – Hide/Show Posters with table

    – direct access categories

    – direct access letters


    More functions/options in the Skin creator and a speed up!

    – HD-Tags

    – Index covers/Box sets with BluRay and HD DVD look

    and many more

Detail page


–                                    Unique Skin V2.1                                                     –


Certification selection


    In ‘options.xsl’ go to the following line:


    <xsl:variable name="CertificationCountry">US</xsl:variable>


    Available parameters are: US,UK and GER


    Set in ‘moviejukebox.properties’ the following values:




    imdb.getCertificationFromMPAA = true

    imdb.preferredCountry = USA



    imdb.getCertificationFromMPAA = false

    imdb.preferredCountry = UK




    imdb.getCertificationFromMPAA = false

    imdb.preferredCountry = Germany





    For UK the TV certifications are US!


    For Germany all TV certifications are maped to similar ages


Video image support


    In ‘options.xsl’ go to the following line:


    <xsl:variable name="VideoImagesEnable">true</xsl:variable>


    set it to ‘false’ if you don’t want video images!


Skin creator 2.1


    Configure your settings with a normal start. If you want to automate the creation, then use it

    with the following command:


    SkinCreator.exe auto


    Now the skin creator start the Jukebox creation and close when its finished.



YAMJ Versions info


    Use the r1089 version of YAMJ if you want video images for ISO,IMG and VIDEO-TS in this

    type ‘Name S01E01E02E03E04.ISO’ but the trailer keying is defect.


    Use r1100 if you want the Trailer keying bug fixed but get only one image for this type

    ‘Name S01E01E02E03E04.ISO’


    Use the ‘moviejukebox.properties’ for each version from the archive.   


–                                    Unique Skin V2.0                                                      –





Design:                   ka911 and Mr.M

Graphics:                Mr.M and ka911

Coding and Tools:  Mr.M



Test System



– A110 with firmware 01.06.2009

– PC with Windows XP Pro Sp3 (Vista should also work, please confirm)

– YAMJ r1252


Tested with the internal HDD and several external HDDs on USB-Port A.



Skin limitations



Only two trailers are used in the detail page! More will be ignored.





  The screenshots of the detail page is opened with firefox. It is not shown 100% correctly!

  The Pocorn Hour show it in the correct way! Thats the important thing. So, don’t wonder.



This skin needs the following programs:



– YAMJ r1252

– YAMJ GUI Config v0.43

– MediaInfo Version 0.7.17 or older/newer


– ImageMagick-6.5.0-10-Q16-windows-dll.exe or higher


In the skin package included:


– Unique Skin Creator 32bit / 64bit

– Folder "BoxImages"

– Skin folder "Unique_BGL_8"

– moviejukebox.properties

– ReadMe.txt

– Folder with alternative selection and HD-Tag images from ka911






– Install ImageMagick.


Unpack a YAMJ version and copy into this folder:


– The "YAMJ GUI Config v0.43" tool into the root of the YAMJ folder, also the MediaInfo folder.

– Copy also the "Unique Skin Creator.exe", "moviejukebox.properties" and the folder "BoxImages" to

   the root of YAMJ.

– Copy the skin folder "Unique_BGL_8" into the YAMJ skin folder



Folder structure (Internal HDD or external HDD)




  |___ index.htm (Kadoske skin…) only necessary for the home button in the index page!

  |___ Music

  |___ Photo

  |___ Video

        |____ Jukebox

        |____ index.htm

        |____ films ….





Please backup your old Jukebox or rename or delete it!


The Jukebox must be build up completely new!


Start the "YAMJ GUI Config" tool to select the source…..(It is known what is to do with it)

If you finished the "YAMJ GUI Config" tool you will see the file "My_YAMJ.cmd" in the root folder of YAMJ.


Now start the "Unique Skin Creator.exe".

The checkbox ‘html Overwrite’ must be checked! If not then check it.

If you dont want that the YAMJ-Batch wait for a key then uncheck the My_YAMJ Pause.


After you change something press the ‘Save’ button.

All other settings are optinal.


Now press the ‘Create Start’ button and the YAMJ-Batch start.


After the YAMJ-Batch is finished (press a key/or cloesed automatic) and the dos box closed. The ‘Skin Creator’ starts. Wait if the statistic window appear. Then the skin is finished and you can close the app.




Press ‘filemode’ in the Setup>Maintenance screen in the popcorn hour and press ‘Enter’ to "Clear Cache"! Sometimes a reset is necesarry.


This is not skin depend!

Update Jukebox


Put new files into your location and start the skin creator. Press ‘Create Jukebox’ and YAMJ starts to update the jukebox.

The skin creator then starts to build the new covers.




Unique Skin Creator V2.2  32bit / 64bit


 * With  ‘SkinCreator.exe auto’ you can run the skin creator from cli without interaction!




  * Create Jukebox

    This button starts YAMJ and after YAMJ is finished it creates the covers and index the pages


  * Rebuild Covers

    This button rebuild all covers. No YAMJ, no indexing!




  * YAMJ setup

    These options depend on settings in the moviejukebox.properties file

    (More information about the options -> http://code.google.com/p/moviejukebox/w/list


  * MY_YAMJ.cmd

    Pause in MY_YAMJ.cmd -> After YAMJ is finished it waits for a key press

    – c -> Delete unused files from the generated jukebox

    (More information about the options -> http://code.google.com/p/moviejukebox/wiki/CommandSyntax


  * Index Cover setup, BoxSet setup

    Self explanatory


  * HD Tag setting

    This option set a Tag-Image bhind the box (Use this with the alternative images from ka911)


  * Detail page setup

    Plot size limit value -> Change this carefully, because can crash the layout!


  * Index page setup

    Homepage location -> This is the location wich is used for the ‘Home’ function

    Page jumps -> Adjust the number of pages to jump



  * Attention! All settings take effect after you have pressed ‘Save Settings’ !                                       *



  First it creates all covers and index the "Home Button" of all Detail and Extra Pages.

  When you press the "Home" button in a detail page, it will then bring you to the index page where

  the Movie is placed! Also at a Box Set page.


  This tool touch only new created files! If you add new files, then only the new covers will be touched.

  But all html pages must be new created, if you add new files to the jukebox!


–                                           Index page                                                                              –



Keys (Index Page)


Index page direct selection:


  First row of covers (count wise left to right):  1-4

  Second row of covers(count wise left to right):  5-8


Letter direct selection:(Change! Use the number in front of the Letters on the remote keys)


  09  = 11


  A   = 22

  B   = 222

  C   = 2222


  D   = 33

  E   = 333

  F   = 3333


  G   = 44

  H   = 444

  I   = 4444


  J   = 55

  K   = 555

  L   = 5555


  M   = 66

  N   = 666

  O   = 6666


  P   = 77

  Q   = 777

  R   = 7777

  S   = 77777


  T   = 88

  U   = 888

  V   = 8888


  W   = 99

  x   = 999

  Y   = 9999

  Z   = 99999



Categories direct selection (Use the number in front of the Letters on the remote keys) :(NEW)


  ALL = 255 (A=2 L=5 L=5)

  HD  = 43  (H=4 D=3)

  Fantasy = 326

  Family = 3264

  Action = 228


  and so on…



Colour Keys:


  Red       = Direct jump to previous index page (Change)

  Green   = previous genere (Change)

  Yellow   = next genere (Change)

  Blue      = Direct jump to next index page (Change)


Direct play of movie/playlist:


  Move to a cover and press the play button. Box Set and Seasons with more than one

  DVD folder ‘VIDEO_TS’, ISO and IMG has no effect!




  Menu = Load first page of ‘ALL’ / Load first page of ‘Extras’ if in genere extras.


  Home(remote) / Graphic button = Jump to selection menu like that from Kadoske in root of HDD

                                                       Box Sets: Jump to the index page where the Box set is placed


  DELETE    = Select Genere (NEW)


  PageUP        = Jump X pages forward

  PageDOWN  = Jump X pages backward


  Info      = Show a Pic of the ‘Index’ page with the key reference


  Repeat    = Jump to the NMT Menu


  Down and right navigation : If you are in the secon row and press the ‘arrow’ down again

                                               -> jump to next page


  Also if you select the right arrow button you can press the ‘arrow'(remote) right again

  -> jump to next page


  Left navigation : If you select the left arrow button you can press the ‘arrow'(remote) left again

                             -> jump to previous page



–                                          Detail page                                                                               –


Menu page for the ‘Extra’ entries (NEW)


  Accepted are ‘Extra’,’Bonus’,’Deleted’ and ‘Special’ in the filename.


  Naming example:


  Batman[Deleted-Scene 1].avi


  Batman[Bonus-Alternative ending].avi

  Batman[Special-Interview with xyz].avi


  If one of the above entries are found then a ‘E’ button is on the page to show/hide the ‘Extra menu’.

  The ‘MENU’ button on the remote has the same function.


  The ‘Extra menu’ has the following look and for each category an own title:



    (small play button) name




    files:  Batman.avi

              Batman[Bonus-Alternative ending].avi

              Batman[Bonus-Extra scene].avi

              Batman[Special-Making of].avi


  Created Menu:



     () Alternative ending

     () Extra scene



     () Making of




    Batman[Special-Making of].avi

                             ^ max 30 characters, more will be cut in the menu



  In the ‘options.xml’ you can edit the titles:



  <!–Detail Option #2: Title for Bonus –>

  <xsl:variable name="BonusTitle">Bonus</xsl:variable>


  <!–Detail Option #3: Title for Extra –>

  <xsl:variable name="ExtraTitle">Extra</xsl:variable>


  <!–Detail Option #4: Title for Deleted –>

  <xsl:variable name="DeletedTitle">Deleted</xsl:variable>


  <!–Detail Option #5: Title for Bonus –>

  <xsl:variable name="SpecialTitle">Special</xsl:variable>




  * Attention! A bug in yamj for filtering cause some problems!                            *





  Name of the files:


  Gladiator[Disc1] – Movie.avi

  Gladiator[Disc2] – Extras.avi


  Using automatic trailer download the generated YAMJ-Trailer download file name is:


  Gladiator[Disc1] – Movie.[TRAILER-gladiator_480_sv2].mov





    <extra title="Gladiator 480sv2">file:///opt/sybhttpd/localhost.drives/USB_DRIVE_A-1/SeasonTest/Gladiator%5BDisc1%5D%20-%20Movie.%5BTRAILER-gladiator_480_sv2%5D.mov</extra>






    <extra title="TRAILER-gladiator_480_sv2">file:///opt/sybhttpd/localhost.drives/USB_DRIVE_A-1/SeasonTest/Gladiator%5BDisc1%5D%20-%20Movie.%5BTRAILER-gladiator_480_sv2%5D.mov</extra>



  So, if some entries not shown, look first into XML-File for the keywords before you post a bug!


Seasons,Part,Disc,CD completely changed (NEW)


  Now if you use a image or DVD folder and name this ‘Name S02E01E02E03E04E05E06E07’ you will

  now get a button for each season and a video image!


  ‘PLAY ALL’ button is not available for: DVD folders (VIDEO_TS), ISO and IMG files, because makes

  no sense.




  Name S02E01E02E03E04E05E06E07.ISO ->  a ‘Play’ button



  Name S02E01E02E03E04E05E06E07.ISO

  Name S02E08E09E10E11E12E13E14.ISO ->  a ‘Dummy’ button with no function!

  You select the images/VIDEO_TS  with the small buttons!


  For all other file types a playlist is used and the ‘Play All’ button exist.



Keys ( Detail Page)




Colour Keys:


  Red     = select left small box cover

  Green   = jump direct to previous detail page

  Yellow  = jump direct to next detail page

  Blue    = select right small box cover





  PageUP    = jump to next detail page

  PageDOWN  = jump to previous detail page


  Menu      = Extra menu show/hide if Extra contents exist (Change!)


  REPEAT    = Load first page of ‘ALL’ / Load first page of ‘Extras’ (NEW)


  DELETE    = Hide/Show Posters and table to have look onto the fanart (NEW)


  Info      = Show a Pic of the ‘Detail’ page with the key reference and help


  Home      = Jump to the index page where the movie is placed



Direct play of movie:


  Press the ‘Play’ button or ‘Enter’ if the ‘Play’/’Play All’ button is selected.


Episodes, Parts, Discs..:


  Direct selection by pressing the number shown in the list





Now Enjoy and have fun!



Example images: 

Attachment Size Hits Last download
Unique Black Glas 2.8 8 Covers.rar 7.56 MB 721 4 hours 41 min ago
Unique Black Glas 2.8 18 Covers.rar 7.43 MB 530 11 hours 40 min ago