YAMJ GUI Config v0.51 | Omertron’s Media Player Site

YAMJ GUI Config v0.51 | Omertron’s Media Player Site

This program is designed to make configuring YAMJ a little easier for new users.

 Latest Version: 0.51

You must use revision r1252 or later of YAMJ with this version of the GUI Config.

To use it, run the exe file after unpacking it from the zip file.

Click the "Select Dir" button to tell the program where your video files are located.

Choose the NMT Path that is relevant for your Video location.

If you select "Network Path" a pop-up will appear asking for the IP Address of your NMT, it will then locate the shares that you have on your NMT and populate them in the network shares section.

Once you have done that, select Add and then Save and the program will ask you where you want the files save. WARNING: It will overwrite these files if they exist.

The files it creates are:

  • My_Library.xml
  • My_YAMJ.cmd

When you are ready to run YAMJ, simply browse to the folder and double click the "My_YAMJ.cmd" file.

Thanks to Dizingof for his first YAMJ GUI and Legion455 for his scraper of the NMT share code.

Please post any comments, questions, reports or requests on this thread *HERE*

Version 0.5 Changes:

  • Changes to the output library file (playerpath)
  • Added C-200 specific hard-drive options
  • Minor bug fixes and changes

Version 0.51 Change:

  • This is a minor update for changes in the NEW beta firmware for the C-200


Please delete any existing "YAMJ GUI Config.ini" file before running for the first time.

To disable the web check, change the setting "SkipWebcheck=True"

To disable asking for the NMT IP address, change the setting "SkipNMTcheck=True" and ensure that the "NMTIP" address correctly points to your NMT IP Address


Support Thread

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