YAMJ Trakt.tv App | Omertron’s Media Player Site

YAMJ Trakt.tv App | Omertron’s Media Player Site

 There is an excellent web site called Trakt.tv that is sort of a last.fm of movies and TV Shows.

I encourage you all to install the excellent PCHTrakt CSI application to allow your videos to be scrobbled to the site. An additional benefit is that the PCHTrakt application will also write out watched files for use by YAMJ.

All this is well and good, but you need a way to "upload" all your current collection. So enter YAMJTraktApp.

This is a simple application that will read your "CompleteMovies.xml" file from the jukebox and upload the videos to Trakt.tv

Usage instructions:

  • When you run the application you need to enter your information for the Trakt.tv website. Your password will be encrypted for processing.
  • You can get your API key from http://trakt.tv/settings/api
  • You will then need to browse to your jukebox location and select the CompleteMovies.xml.
  • Once the CompleteMovies.xml file has been selected you need to Process it.
  • Once the processing has finished, you will need to Process the file to Trakt.tv.

WARNING: This can take a LONG time, even with 2-4 threads. 

You can get rejected from the site and there can be occasional errors when uploading the information.

Have fun!


Support thread

Example images: 

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