YAYMan v0.99.99.26 | Omertron’s Media Player Site

YAYMan v0.99.99.26 | Omertron’s Media Player Site

YAYMan (Yet Another Yamj Manager) is a GUI which allows you to edit the information for individual videos without having to delve into the XML manually.

YAYMan requires YAMJ r3835 or newer.



  • Works with PC/Mac/Linux
  • Manage multiple jukeboxes
  • Modify movie/tv show details
  • Select a different poster for movies and tv shows
  • Select different fanart
  • Provide different database key and regenerate all data (details, posters, etc.) for that movie/tv show
  • Run YAMJ for your entire library
  • Schedule YAMJ to run automatically once per day
  • Edit user properties
  • Edit skin properties
  • Convert jukebox files to different hashdepth settings.
  • Manage library xml files

See the included readme for running YAYMan on Ubuntu.

You can find additional downloads, including native application launchers for Windows and Mac, here

Latest update:

December 9, 2013: v0.99.99.26 released. Fixed compatibility with latest YAMJ. Apologies for leaving everyone high and dry for so long.

Please post all questions to the support thread below:


Support Thread

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