Bikini skin for YamjV3

This is a new skin for yamjV3

This skin is developped with html5 it's compatible and tested with w7 (IE10, Chrome 31, Firefox 24) / Android 4.3 (chrome)


if you jump from V1.1.0 the skin NEED THE VERSION aafe2ba263 or greater of YamjV3 (last updated at 2014/11/21 12:31:29)

and NEED TO DROP THE YAMJV3 table completly  and recreate a brand new one

otherwise if you jump from V1.3.2 no drop is necessary

Watched Creator v3

A small program to create the watched files for YAMJ


URL: GitHub Site

YAMJ - Latest Development Build

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Version: 2.10-SNAPSHOT

Date: 2016-11-21-1123

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