Dynamic Music Skin

I am writing a Dynamic Music Skin, which aims to match Music Jukebox's basic functionality, but using a database backend and Python to generate dynamic pages for the NMT.


There are some requirements before you can run this skin. Please refere to the page on Dynamic Movie Skin which details those requirements before you try running this skin.


Here's a demo captured off my PC: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oCmhIvoX6w0


To use this application:


RutabagaJexcal 0.5 - Plots, Trailers, Fanart, HQ DVDCases - ALSO IN SD [29.04.09]

The title just explain it, i made a skin mix of the two in my opinion best skins existing.
Basically it depends on the Index of robinjexcal-Skin (Thanx for that great work mate) and the Details from Rutabaga (Thanx for permission to mod and release it here). Die TVIDs in the sections are the ones from the original two skins.


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Dynamic Movie Skin

Dynamic Movie Skin


I have created a database driven Movie Jukebox for the NMT which uses a Python powered dynamic skin generator.


The skin I am using as a template is heavily borrowed from the Unique Black Glas theme. However, the generator is set up so that can design your own skin.


To use Dynamic Movie Skin you will need the following:


- NMT (duh!) ;-)



Alaska (Update: May 9, 2010)

Alaska YAMJ is a mimic of XBMC Alaska.


This skin was made possible by cprobert's mod of marcin77's Aeon Index HD (Home Menu), PPP's ppp3.1 (Popup Filtering), and all the beta testers.


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