Transmission Gui for symbian s60v3

Transmission Gui for symbian s60v3.

You can remotely control your favourite torrent client from your mobile phone.

Transmission 1.71 is recommended!!! (It doesn't work on 1.5x, maybe on 1.6x - not tested!)

Please don't ask me to create an iPhone/s60v2/s60v5 version!

This program was tested on E51. The torrent client was: MNT / Transmission 1.71.

Please help me, tell me your opinion!

thanx bonym


19/08/2009 - new version: 0.97

Install-bug fixed! This version is self-signed again!



02/08/2009 - new version: 0.96

Small bug fix



30/07/2009 - new version: 0.95

new feature: Search torrents: 4 free trackers

many small bugs fixed

Uninstall is NOT need now!



19/06/2009 - new version: 0.92

'no-torrent' bug fixed

uninstall last version before this!



18/06/2009 -  new version: 0.91

'Settings' bug fixed!

Added: Port test


Example images: 
tgui_092_s60v3.zip153.55 KB
tgui_096_s60v3.zip165.91 KB
tgui_097_s60v3.zip166.26 KB

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source code by mika123 (not verified)
tgui by Sash (not verified)
0.97 not work with transmission 2.41! by Anonymous (not verified)
certificate expired by caraliy (not verified)
Expired Certificate by Dzsovanni (not verified)
Try to set the date back 1 by Mihaly (not verified)
Expired Certificate - solution by mreg (not verified)
Error message by Anonymous (not verified)
transmision gui certificate error by dksmar (not verified)
Nokia 5800: file selection by Sergo (not verified)
Certificate Expired by Anonymous (not verified)
expired certificate by gabby131 (not verified)
Nice! by Anonymous (not verified)
crash by Sash (not verified)
Works on E52-2 and E-72-2 by Anonymous (not verified)
0.97 works on Nokia N97 by Ben (not verified)
testen on i8910 working FiNE! by LoLMaN (not verified)
It works in when I'm in my by Anonymous (not verified)
Upgrade by giuseppeg88 (not verified)
Great app! by Anonymous (not verified)
0.97 works on Nokia E63! Thanks! by Roman (not verified)
405 Method not allowed with simple auth by Netkaiser (not verified)
great work by gabriel (not verified)
thx by tgui (not verified)
0.97 works on N82 by Anonymous (not verified)
cool, thanx by Anonymous (not verified)
0.97 works on nokia n81 by giuseppeg88 (not verified)
cool by Anonymous (not verified)
0,97 works on 5800XM. ;) by raxor (not verified)
Nokia 5800 XM: it is not by Sergo (not verified)
No, doesn't work for me on 5800 by Dmitry (not verified)
Thanx! It means then it works by tgui (not verified)
Tgui_092_s60v3 - Works great on n97 by Anonymous (not verified)
cannot install by bosch (not verified)
Cannot Install Also by Varun (not verified)
try uninstall the old version by tgui (not verified)
Works like a charm on n95 by Buddy (not verified)
Unable to install, even OpenSigned by Anonymous (not verified)
New version by Peter (not verified)
try 0.96! '*' key works form by tgui (not verified)
0.96 still has the problem by Peter (not verified)
ok by tgui (not verified)
HI billigflüge by tgui (not verified)
Dynanmic DNS? by Peter (not verified)
Hi Peter, by tgui (not verified)

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