Best Gaming Apps for Android

Best Gaming Apps for Android

Best Free Games for Android

Queuing in an administrative department, waiting at the doctor’s, taking public transport: situations conducive to boredom are not uncommon in everyday life. Instead of sitting on your arms, why not play a game on your smartphone? We have selected the best free games on Android to accompany you through the endless waiting times.

These games have, for the most part, adopted the Freemium system. They offer an integrated purchasing system that allows you to move faster in the game. But all are playable and allow to relax without paying a euro.


A little over a year old and already a phenomenon of society. It did not take Fortnite long to win the hearts of nearly 200 million registrants. A success that the game owes in large part to its gameplay ultra simple to understand, more difficult to master.

Newly landed on a desert island, 100 players fight each other to the last survivor. To survive, it is necessary to equip oneself accordingly. By exploring the map, participants find weapons, objects, and resources that allow them to extend the experience. The most resourceful build shelters with the means on board to protect themselves from their opponents and quietly fine-tune their overall strategy.

With hide-and-seek, the parts of Fortnite could drag on. Epic Games was able to anticipate the problem with the security zone. During a game session, this delineated space shrinks in area. Players outside the safety zone suffer life-threatening damage. A trick that pushes competitors to regroup at the center of the card and accelerates the outcome of the current game.

PUBG Mobile

Alongside Fortnite, he brought the genre of the battle royale back to the taste of the day. PUBG first saw a worldwide release on consoles and PC before deploying on mobile platforms. The gameplay of this Android port remains unchanged. Parachuted onto an island of 64 km2 along with 99 other players, you have no choice but to eliminate them one by one to win.

Maybe less maneuverable than on PC or console, this version of PUBG has the merit to put on an equal footing the fans of the first hour and the new competitors. Each (re)learns to master its controls and heals its strategy according to its strengths and weaknesses.

Consider upgrading your equipment to suit your playing techniques. In the packages dropped off on the map, you collect weapons, equipment, and adrenaline syringes. You can also loot items randomly available on the map. The best solution is still to recover the players ‘ equipment that you have just cooled down.

Although PUBG only tolerates one winner, there is nothing to stop you from forming alliances to improve your chances of survival. But don’t forget that sooner or later you will have to betray your teammates to hope to win.

FIFA Mobile

A must-see in the sports simulation category, FIFA Mobile is deploying one of the most famous football franchises on smartphones. A little more than a simple port, the title calls on its game engine whose support and constant improvements guarantee photorealistic graphics, fluid playability, high-performance AI, natural interactions.

By opting for a new collective System, FIFA Mobile is assuming its desire for high realism. The incumbents ‘ stats depend on your selections and your associations. Recruit two players from the same club, championship, country or program, and you benefit from a better cohesion that directly influences the overall performance of the team.

FIFA Mobile inaugurates a new way of conducting the competition with the confrontations in real time. You meet other players from around the world and compete at 11-to-11.

PES 2019

Historically side by side with FIFA, PES 2019 also benefits from its official port on mobile, continuing the experiment initiated on PC or console.

In addition to benefiting from the latest display technologies, PES 2019 is on the page to integrate the players and competitions of the 2018-2019 season. These conditions, combined with the gameplay flexibility, allow everyone to create and manage the team of their dreams.

Impressing realism, PES 2019 rewards each player with unique characteristics. Recruitment choices are growing in number and can conform to a wide range of tactics. However, professionalism and negotiation skills are required to buy the biggest football stars of today.

Harry Potter: Secret to Hogwarts

You dreamed it, Harry Potter: Secret to Hogwarts did it. After years of waiting, you finally get your letter to Hogwarts and join one of the most prestigious schools of the witchcraft. Hurry up and board the Hogwarts Express, put on your Sorcerer’s cloak and let the Magic picker assign you the house you think you deserve.

Harry Potter: Secret to Hogwarts is the first real mobile role-playing game taking place in the universe imagined by J. K. Rowling. The scenario you’re in takes place years before Harry Potter went to school, which doesn’t stop you from rubbing elbows with some well-known saga names like Bill, Tonks or Charlie? On the teaching side, learn about the metamorphosis from Professor McGonagall and lay low during Rogue potions.

In the seven years you’ve lived in Harry Potter: Secret at Hogwarts, you’ve accomplished yourself as a sorcerer. Every year there are lots of spells that you learn to master before passing your final exams. Your Education also opens up new areas of the castle that you explore discreetly to try to solve the mystery of the Cursed cellars.