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This is a program for creating a list of example video files for use in testing jukeboxes. It takes a list of filenames from a text file and copies an example video file to those filenames. If the filename looks like a series, then it will attemt to create subdirectories for the season.

To use the program you should have a text file with a list of the filenames to create and an example video file to copy. When you run the program it will ask you to choose a directory to save the files to. It will then create a "videos" directory there with the files underneath it.

If the text file and video file are named "File Creator.txt" and "File Creator.avi" then they will automatically be used.

Note: If the Video directory already exists it will be deleted


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Still Active? by Level42 (not verified)
Yes, still works by Omertron
Yes it does by Level42 (not verified)
I get it now by Level42 (not verified)

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Version: 2.10-SNAPSHOT

Date: 2016-05-09-1542

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