HalfNight (Eversion Skin)

Here isthe HalfNight skin.


Again all credit for the design goes to the creator of the Night skin for xbmc. 

Screenshots and names of the different screens are below

-TV Section
-- new Tv index screen. The one now is there for when yamj adds fanart.tv
-- add in the clear logos/season thumbs.. when fanart.tv is running in yamj
-- make a banner index to match new style
-- make multi language support better.

-Movie Section
-- Add in multiple images to movie details once supported in yamj
-- Add another details view
-- Maybe add more details to the list view awaiting feedback
-- Cleanup the cover index page add or delete things again depends on feedback
-- Make multi language support better

Known Bugs:
And always looking for anyone that would like to help on the skin. I look for anyone wanting to learn how to skin eversion its very easy, and im willing to help along th way, anyone that is just good with graphics to make overlays/masks.

Example images: 
halfnight.rar1.21 MB

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Version: 2.10-SNAPSHOT

Date: 2017-09-19-1318

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