Music Jukebox Release 8

Windows application to generate a music menu.  Supports album art and music genres.


·         Microsoft Windows based PC
·         Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5
·         Music Jukebox installation files available here
Unique Abilities:
·         Scans all your music folders and generates an HTML menu that can be displayed on your Popcorn Hour.
·         Automatically downloads album art.
·         Supports music genres.
·         Skinnable interface.
·         Easy navigation using the remote (‘P-L-A’ opens Playlist page, ‘R-O-C’ opens Rock Genre page).
·         Build, run and manage playlists.

·         Shuffle (random) play mode.

Basic Setup:
·         Download the zip file.
·         Extract installation file from zip download.
·         Double-click the installation file to install.
·         Create a new folder for the music menu files.
·         Run (double-click) MusicJukebox.exe

This is Release 8 of Music Jukebox.  Refer to the documentation included in the release for a complete description of the changes and enhancements.

Example images: 
C-200 Remote.zip115.46 KB
MusicJukebox_Release_82.zip4.03 MB
MusicJukebox_Release82_WithSkins.zip22.3 MB

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Version: 2.10-SNAPSHOT

Date: 2016-08-27-1843

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