Rutabaga MOD-HD by Hispanico

Rutabaga MOD-HD by Hispanico
v.4.4 - r2413

Everyone prefer a specific Skin for our Yamj and personally i search to join the simplicity of Rutabaga Skin with the detail & look of AEon skin.

I rebuild these skins, thinking for the majority of users, wife and children included. I hope that my test, is good first step and work....
The "goal" is first page, where you can choose all movie, genres etc.. without need to use filter or go in other pages.

I apply the new features of Yamj 2.1 like rounded corners of the thumbnails etc.. and some my customization background, logos, icons, studios,

also modded from AEon by ejp, LowList Texture Mod by gonzalu and Unique Black Glas by Mr.M...

In detail page of the movie or TV-Series there are all informations (customizable).

If trailer is found a icon trailer is show, otherwise icon studios is display.

<- Last update 11.03.x13 ->

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Version: 2.10-SNAPSHOT

Date: 2017-07-23-1849

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