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MIKA is a port of Java to run locally on the NMT's.  It is developed by other77

Downloading and Building Mika

Source code repository

You can obtain a copy of the "head" (i.e. latest developement-) version of Mika from the source repository as follows:

svn checkout svn://svn.k-embedded-java.com/Mika/trunk

Build tools

To build Mika you will need following tools:

  • a PC running Linux (any recent distro)
  • a Java runtime on which to run ant
  • Apache ant (version 1.6.2 or higher)
  • jam. FT Jam works fine.
  • the jikes Java compiler; available from http://jikes.sourceforge.net. We currently use version 1.22.
  • awk (preferably GNU awk)
  • a gcc (cross-)toolchain for your target platform.

Building Mika

After the checkout you should have a trunk directory. To build a version of Mika for PC, type

cd trunk


(or -DPLATFORM=pc-awt if you want to have an AWT version).

To build for another platform you should normally create your own set of Configuration files. However for arm you can try:

ant -DPLATFORM=default -DJAM.PLATFORM=arm-linux

(check in Configuration/platform for other alternatives than arm-linux). In the event of failures look in the build/platform/log directory, e.g. build/pc-awt/log or build/arm-linux/log. One commmon problem is that your cross-compiler has a different name; you can fix that in the Configuration/cpu/cpu file.

Once the build is completed, you'll find the binaries in the release/PLATFORM directory. Example:


would create it files in directory release/pc/, so the command to run Mika is ./release/bin/mika parameters...

(to be continued) .. .

Discussion of the build on the forums can be found here....


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