Music Browser for all NMT devices - Update August, 2nd, 2011

Music Browser ( for NMT

update August, 2nd, 2011: Now also completely compatible with all A/C2xx NMTs. Fixed some scripts so it will run without requiring newer busybox installations.

update July, 16th, 2011: I fixed a small bug in server play and added an alternate lighttpd config. Also available via CSI installer now.

Music Browser is a media server which supports recursive audio (or video) playlists in different formats and streams their content to any device with a decent browser or any media player program. MP3 files can also be played directly within the browser with the builtin flash player (if enabled). Additionally it can be used to play music or videos remotely on the NMT and control playback from the browser. The web interface should also work on many web enabled phones, PDAs and so on and enable remote control of your NMT. It is not accessible from NMT devices (not compatible with Gaya). It requires lighttpd webserver (install from CSI).

I have adapted Music Browser to run on NMT devices and to offer special features there:

1) Optionally using LLink to do the real streaming (more efficient and reliable than streaming via PHP)
2) Server mode for NMT (files are played on the NMT) with simple remote control functions
(pause, play, next, stop, Volume control)
3) Support for NMT's native jsp playlist format
4) Added video file formats
5) All templates available for Music Browser have been included

It should run on any A100/110/B110 compatible devices. For use with der 200 series the server functions (playing files on the NMT) may have to be rewritten, but everything else should work.

Call it from your browser with: http://your_nmt_ip:9999/musicbrowser_web/


lighttpd (install from CSI), Syabas Webserver does not work
new lighttpd.conf and php.ini file (supplied, adds cgi support, directory listing and alias for share volume. php cache is disabled, php script timeout set to 0. php is running as cgi instead of fastcgi, because it needs too much memory - about 35%, even if it is not used).
Update: in version I have included 2 different configs for lighttpd/php. The second uses fastcgi, but with a smaller cache than in the original configuration.

Not required, but recommended:
LLink for NMT
NetworkMounter (if you want to use network drives)
Telnet (if you want to create symlinks for usb drives etc.)

Install from CSI repository or download the zip file and use "install from file" with CSI.

IMPORTANT: Replace the files lighhtpd.conf and php.ini in /share/Apps/lighttpd/etc with the ones supplied with this package (in folder /share/Apps/musicbrowser/ligttpd-configs-cgi or /share/Apps/musicbrowser/ligttpd-configs-fcgi). Restart lighttpd or reboot your NMT.

If you want to use LLink for streaming you have to add the follwing line to llink.conf:

Disabling MyiHome on the NMT will definitely give faster response.

There are lots of configuration options. Edit the index.php file to suit your needs:

You can choose between 3 (4) different templates (all predefinded) simply by commenting or commenting out the lines starting with 'template'.

You can define which playlist formats or services will be supported ('enabledPlay')

You can also add or remove file formats which should be played ('fileTypes')

The number of files / playlist is currently set to 10000 and can be changed to any value you like. In server mode (NMT playing) a maximum of 200 - 300 files (depends on path lenghts, automatically limited) can be served in one run, but they can be taken from the a much larger (shuffeled) playlist.

The configuration is set to share your whole hard disk. USB drives can be included by creating symlinks. Network shares can be added using NetworkMounter. You can set the 'path' variable to share only a part of your hard disk, but in this case the llink part of the configuration has to be modified also, if you use LLink for streaming. See the comments in index.php for details.


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