people MOD for evZap v1.2.1

evZap could be modded to insert people poster in the detail movie page

I would thanks safran64 for his gratefull help. Special thanks to Legion455 for detail person screen and people fanart.

************ NEW with version R0160 or Eversion,
************ All the people menu, All the people lists and all the PHOTO's wall are actives,
************ include already existing entries/menu (Actor, Person, Director, Writer)
************ click on the remote OK/SELECT/ENTER switch to the movies' list for the selected people

v5.6.1 (evZap V1.2.1 mandatory)

- add people photo in detail tv-shows with remove green or comma (on the pc)

 all the couldbe added if not previously installed

v5.4 (evZap V1.2.1 mandatory)
- add People entry in menu.control (then in menulist screen)
- modify some thumbframe
- modify mod to make it compatible with evZap V1.2.1
- modify display birthname in place of aka
- modify people screen to display movie fanart if people fanart doesn't exists
- modify people screen to display the movies' list on the top rather than bottom
- add cast/writer/director/perso to people name depending from where it's displayed

a readme is joined to the zip file -

Goals of the people Mod
end-user have 4 modes:
- no people <== set detailsMOVIE to movie
- people with max poster <== set detailsMOVIE to movie_people
- people with adjusted poster <== set detailsMOVIE to movie_people and people_max_poster to false
- people list with dynamic poster <== set detailsMOVIE to movie_people_list
(adjust in settings.xml)

decription of the contains of the .zip
look at the people mod readme.txt inside the zip

installation rules:

unzip directly at the root of the evZap skin
unzip each zip directly at the root of evZap skin and merge with folder when asked

1 - on the yamj side if you want to make a new run for Yamj ==> set mjb.forceSkinOverwrtite=true before the run
2 - on the jukebox side if you don't want to make a new yamj run ==> take care that people yamj run as already been made before
3 - set mjb.people.addInfo=true - (yamj R2972)



evZap_People_MOD_V5.6.1.zip2.24 MB
evZap_People_MOD_V5.5.zip2.23 MB
evZap_people_1.zip2.95 MB
evZap_people_2.zip4.11 MB
evZap_people_3.zip2.96 MB
evZap_people_4.zip3.55 MB
evZap_people_5.zip3.23 MB
evZap_people_6.zip2.28 MB
evZap_people_7.zip3.61 MB
evZap_people_8.zip4.79 MB
evZap_people_9.zip4.87 MB

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Date: 2017-07-23-1849

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