Cineblue SD

By paulcito

Here is an SD skin I made you might like to try.

This is an SD skin I put together for use on my 19" LG Flatron TV. Its optimized for an SD screen with a 4:3 AR.


  • Dark Blue / green cinema theme
  • Font size bumped up somewhat from the default SD skin, Lucida Sans/Arial font
  • New Play buttons
  • mjb.homePage set to Categories
  • Index page has arrows at top with rollover images
  • Two rows of four images - fits nicely on SD 4:3 screen (at least it did on mine)
  • Works with latest MovieJukebox 1.0.16 beta (r850+)
  • Not fanart capable
Example images: 
cineblue-sd.zip441.33 KB

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Version: 2.10-SNAPSHOT

Date: 2017-06-21-1511

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