Watched Creator v3

A small program to create the watched files for YAMJ


UPDATED (v2): Will now create the files for VIDEO_TS and BluRAy (BDMV) directories.


You can now edit the "Watched Creator.ini" file and add addition file types if you want in addition you can change the default directory that the program starts in.


UPDATED (v3): You can now change the directory the watched files are written to. Set "CustomOutputDir=true" in the ini file and enter the path in "OutputDir=???"


UPDATE (v3.1): You can now specifiy a directory skiplist. Set "SkipList={comma separated list}" in the ini file.


UPDATE (v3.2): You can now specify the extension for the watched file in the ini file.


Watched Creator v3.2.zip316.53 KB

Watched creator

Hi Omertron,

I had a question regarding the watched creator in conjunction with the PlayonHD! is it suppose to appear on your jukebox while viewing through the playon hd

I am running the new gui 2.0 r3966, i now i know that the jukebox when viewed via the playonhd is severely cut down in what it is there any way to showed the watched or unwatched shows seperately in the jukebox??

I hope this makes sense.

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Version: 2.10-SNAPSHOT

Date: 2017-01-28-1905

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