AC Ryan - Jukebox Fixes and Modifications - v1.7

AndyA has reworked some of the Jukebox files to fix some of the issues and tidy up a few things.


The zip file attached contains the updated files and installation instructions are below.


Each subsequent revision includes all previous fixes.


These modifications are not supported by AC Ryan and come with no warranty of any kind

The fixes have been tested on f/w v7317 for the Mini, but should work on any v7317 firmware

The main thread can be seen here:


The changes to the Jukebox interface are: -
V1.7 - 26/08/12

  • Tagline display added to the Movie Information page

V1.6 - 10/08/12

  • Display columns increased from 6 to 7 so that 14 movies are displayed per screen, on both main and sets pages. This aligns better with the 7 drop down menus
  • +/- 12 Movies now changed to +/- one page, and modified to jump 14 movies at a time

V1.5 - 29/07/12

  • 'Other' Category now implemented as a seventh drop down menu at the top left of the screen
  • This gives access to additonal filters such as 'New', 'New-Movies', 'New-Tv' (when the 'New' filters are available) and Movies, TV Shows etc. This filter was there in SDK3 but has always been missing from SDK4

V1.4 - 15/05/12

  • Next / Previous Chapter buttons now jump -/+ 12 movies on main and sets screen
  • Button text on background images adjusted to -/+ 12 Movies
  • Complete Movie title (as opposed to the first 32 characters) now displayed on main screen and sets screen
  • Fixed Year display on main and sets screen to cope with complete movie titles
  • Display TV Series season number in title for each series cover – main and sets pages
  • Movie Information page – add Season No to title for TV series, remove from top line

V1.3 - 08/05/12

  • Fixed alignment issue on Yamj background
  • Fixed minor bug with Next / Previous Chapter buttons on main page
  • Next / Previous chapter buttons now move forward / back 10 movies on the sets page
  • Graphics / Display text (English only) added to sets page background for the Next / Previous chapter buttons
  • Movie Information page – Moved Rating / Year down to next line to free up space for title
  • Increased title width to avoid truncation, adjusted year spacing
  • Updated install instructions / zip file in this post

V1.2 - 07/05/12

  • Movie information page – Audio Codec box now displays the Audio Codec and not the Video Codec
  • Movie information page – removed leading “,” from the ‘Stars’ line
  • Movie information page – Fixed rounding error – Stars graphics vs Numeric Rating
  • Movie information page – Extended space for Movie Title to reduce truncation
  • Movie information page – Director Line – Label in blue, content in white to match rest of page, better alignment
  • Movie information page – Stars Line – Label in blue, content in white to match rest of page, better alignment, wider text field
  • Movie information page – show up to 25 TV Series episode buttons, not 12, align buttons to left
  • Movie information page – added Season number and Episode title at the top of the screen for TV Series in place of ‘Series Episodes’ text – English only.
  • Updated install instructions / zip file in this post

V1.1 - 05/05/12

  • Fixes issue with display of Set title on sets page

V1.0 - 03/05/12

  • Rating Menu now displays / uses the certifications instead of being blank
  • Next / Previous chapter buttons now move forward / back 10 movies on the main page
  • Graphics / Display text (English only) added to main page background for the Next / Previous chapter buttons
  • Sets / TV series now display correctly when entered from the main page – the display is not restricted to 10 items
  • Sets / TV series page now displays the Set title at the top of the screen (only when entering a set from the main page, does not apply to the sets filter)

The new files can't simply be copied over the existing files as they are in a read only section of the file system. So the new files are mounted over the existing ones, allowing the new files to be used
To install the files:

V1.5 onwards

  • Create a directoy 'Yamj' on a USB drive or memory stick
  • Extract the image and scripts directories from the zip file attached to this post into the Yamj directory, and plug the device into the POHD
  • Telnet to the player and create a new directory /usr/local/etc/Yamj - it is case sensitive
  • Copy the contents of the Yamj directory on the USB stick into /usr/local/etc/Yamj
  • Edit the startup script /user/local/etc/rcS and add the following lines at the bottom
  • #YAMJ V1.5 overmount commands

    #New background image with 7 drop down menus

    mount -o bind /usr/local/etc/Yamj/image/BG_YAMJ.fsp /usr/local/bin/IMS_Modules/Yamj/image/BG_YAMJ.fsp #Replace scripts directory, as we have a modified Postlist.rss and a new script OtherFilterPopup.rss

    mount -o bind /usr/local/etc/Yamj/scripts /usr/local/bin/IMS_Modules/Yamj/scripts

  • Reboot the player

Make sure you have the following property in your file


This will ensure YAMJ ckeanbs up the output directory, otherwuse incorrect information may be displayed in some of the filters, particularly the 'New' filters
N.B. The V1.5 modifications to rcS replace the previous modifications, which should be deleted first 


Example images: 
YAMJ_MenuFiles1.7.zip412.7 KB


Hi. Thanks for the quick response . The only reason I ask is the twitter feed on the side of this page dated 28 /8/12 quotes that Andy a modifications has been added to the firmware.

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