Tson's 5150 Skin (Default Variant) Updated (2010-04-15) now with scrolling episodes.

Please see the support thread for more information.


Tested on v1.9r1500


Maintenance release. Minor changes. 

  • Tweaks to truncate values to account for differences in C-200s handling  of webpages (sizing variation).
  • Changes to file data to better account for library/multiple audio tracks/multiple subtitles.
  • Major code overhaul. Incorporated the addition of 'pages' of episodes. Six episodes appear at a time with ability to scroll through the season six at a time via the PGUP and PGDN buttons on the remote. (2010-04-11)
  • Recoded to take advantage of YAMJ determined vob/zcd. (2010-03-28)
  • Changes I'd made to Index pages previously for navigation have been thrown out. The default index files have com a long way and quite frankly are too complicated to bother recoding for 5150 navigation. Currently only thing still implemented into the default index pages is the exit strategy. (2010-03-28)
  • Re-attempted correction of h264 codec detection. (2010-03-14)
  • Corrected some issues with DivX and DTS detection. (2010-03-12)
  • Corrected previously undetected issue with subtitles. (2010-03-12)
  • Corrected some issues with using play button to launch playlists.  (2010-02-01)
  • Corrected issue some were having with exit strategy.   (2010-02-01)
  • Corrected code to account for changes in the handling of the preferences.xsl file (enhancement 1129). (2010-01-23)
  • Corrected issue with navigation when extras present for TV series and episode order was set to reverse. (2010-01-23)
  • Updated for playing playlist from episode other then one, using 'Play' button on remote. 'Play' plays playlist stating on episode highlighted. 'Enter' button plays single episode as in the past. User requesst. (2009-11-28)
  • Updated for navigation issues where TV Series had extras. User Request. (2009-11-28)
  • Updated for issues with BD playback on the 200 (untested).
Example images: 
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