Tson's 5150-sd Skin (Default Variant) Updated (2010-01-23)

Please see the support thread for more information.


IMPORTANT: Most recent update was done due to changes in v1.7r1282. The latest release is for those using official release v1.7r1282 of YAMJ. There are no real changes in this release except to make it work with v1.7, if you are using the previous version without issue I'd recommend sticking with it for the time being. No major visual changes.


- Corrected to work with official release v1.7 revision 1282.  

Example images: 
[Skin][YAMJ]5150-sd.20100102.r1205.zip430.09 KB
[Skin][YAMJ]5150-sd.20100123.r1282.zip430.07 KB

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