Jericho Skin HD 720p

As i no longer have a PCH and moved onto a Dune prime i will not be updating my skins, also it wont be possible for me to support the skin used in newer versions of Yamj.

If anyone wants to take over, they are free to do so.


Here's finally my new skin called jericho.

Tested on my 300 movie collection with the very latest yamj build and is working as it should.


The skin uses imagemagick to create a perspective fanart.png image and also add a gradient to the fanart.jpg images.


Please read the Install-Guide.doc included in the skin.
Also its advisable to keep the fanart resolution to 1280x720 as the pch seems to not scale 1080p fanarts correctly for 720p sets.


Heres some explorer screenshots.





The colored bars at the bottom of the details pages are a representation of the colored buttons on your remote.



BLUE= Trailer (only shows up when there is a trailer for the movie)

Currently streaming trailers are broken due to apple changing the code.

Example images: 
Install- Guide.doc208 KB
Jericho.zip9.93 MB
New_index.zip146.82 KB

Speed of moviechange

There is some issues with the speed of the movie change in the index,When testing over a 100mb network and the jukebox is on a pc which is connected by wi-fi then the image change can be slow to change in either 1 direction or both.


This is due to the file size of the fanart images, but when connected by a fully connected wired network with 100mb then the issue is somewhat reduced.


At the moment i cant find a solution as its excals script.


But the slowness of the image change is either being contribued by the A-110 amount of onboard ram and the network connection beit wired or wireless.


I have always found that the wired solution is always gonna be better then wireless.

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Date: 2015-05-27-1508

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